The national campaign for increasing seafood (Shopping malls)

On 14th February 2019

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ,Riyadh, Garnada Mall

AS part of the national campaign for increasing seafood, SAMAQ Team has organized a simple event along with many cultural, educational and recreational activities about the quality marks of the aquaculture products SAMAQ . this event was in a large shopping mall in Riyadh city, which targeted spreading important information about seafood and its positive influence on the individual health. Also this event indicated the proper way to select the national, safe and fresh SAMAQ products and how to differentiate it from any other products available on the market. SAMAQ Team has succeeded in achieving this goal  as SAMAQ corner experienced crowded and endless inquiries from the visitors on how to acquire the products ,its whereabouts  , and other questions which SAMAQ Team has answered with attention and pleasure.


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