SAMAQ is the logo of the official national aquaculture product certification program.

The SAMAQ label indicates that a product complies with requirements of the Saudi Arabian Code for Responsible Aquaculture Practices, and is in accordance to international guidelines and standards.

The SAMAQ logo indicates the  local origin, freshness and  safety of the national aquaculture products.

What is Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a controlled process that allows the farmer to grow and harvest aquatic organisms, which are of consistently good quality, having the following characteristics:

  • A healthy fish, shrimp or other aquatic organisms that have been reared in the best possible conditions
  • A protein source of high dietetic quality
  • A nutritious source of food
  • Continuous supply and availability throughout the year
  • A  consistently fresh product
  • A product with good taste and flavor

Aquaculture in the KSA

For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aquaculture is a major component of the country’s strategy to diversify its economy and provide investment and employment opportunities to its people.   Under this prism, all Saudi aquaculture industry stakeholders (aquaculture producers, government, research and academic institutions etc) are aligned with the country’s Vision 2030 plan and are working towards attaining the mid and long term  targets set .

Since water (fresh water) is a scarce resource in Saudi Arabia, aquaculture stakeholders in the country work together with other water users to assure equitable use of the resource.

Similarly, aquaculture operators are also aware of the social contribution required of their professional activities and assure their integration in local community development and planning.  Operations are based on technology and equipment that ensure the safety of the employees. This includes establishing routines for handling materials and chemicals to avoid health hazards to workers. Thus the national aquaculture sector acknowledges its responsibility towards local society by providing a safe and stable workplace. 

Aquaculture projects throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide significant economic benefits in the regions where they are located, many of which are remote and relatively disadvantaged.

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